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We work closely with our clients to find appropriate solutions for every industry, while meeting the needs of your specific role.

Industry Specific Expertise

Corporate office with remodeled flooring

Your flooring makes an immediate impression on anyone who enters your space, so it’s important to find a solution that makes the right statement. Together we’ll find flooring that enhances the workspace, creates a pleasing aesthetic, minimizes expenses and upkeep, and provides a durable solution for your workforce and needs.

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Large retail space with cement flooring

A great shopping experience starts the minute a customer walks through the door, and an attractive and appropriate floor can make an immediate difference. From small boutiques where the floor is an extension of the brand vision to big box stores that need a consistent look and unsurpassed durability, our retail experts are ready to make you look good.

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Medical & Healthcare
Medical staff walking on a white floor

The stringent requirements and protocols for the healthcare space is no problem for our experienced InteriorWorx team. We help you find the right products for every environment, from high-traffic areas to sterile procedure rooms. And our strict installation guidelines will ensure that all industry regulations are met.

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Large industrial space with cement floors

Industrial space requires proven, heavy-duty flooring solutions that withstand heavy foot and motorized equipment traffic. Whether you’re dealing with manufacturing, food production, warehousing and fulfillment centers, or more, we’ll advise you on the best products for your needs. We work within your industry-specific requirements to plan and install reliable flooring that will enhance productivity, stand up to demanding conditions, and allow for easier maintenance.

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Beautiful flooring in a restuarant

Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality venues all need beautiful, welcoming flooring. They also need durable solutions that can withstand high traffic and harsh cleaning requirements. From flooring solutions for new venues, to upgrades for occupied spaces that need to minimize business disruption, we’ve got the products and expertise to get it done on time and on budget.

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Children walking in a school building

Budget and timing are critical considerations for school facilities, and getting approval from management or a board is often a hurdle. We can help with our expert planning process, including accurate, real-time cost management with our FloorRight™ software. We find the most durable and pleasing floors for classrooms, hallways, and multi-purpose areas—so students, faculty and staff have the most comfortable environment possible.

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Guidance for Every Professional

Architects & Designers
Architects and designs looking at floor plan

With our vast and up-to-the-minute portfolio of products, we can help you stay abreast of all the latest trends. Our 3,000 square-foot library and showroom gives you access to thousands of product samples—along with expert guidance from one dedicated contact—to help you achieve your desired aesthetic, durability, and maintenance goals.

General Contractors
General contractors reviewing a floor plan

We know that your success depends on reliable subcontractors. Our experienced installers, sales team, and project managers are at the top of their game, understanding your time and budget concerns, and providing accurate project costs in real-time. We manage all aspects of installation with an attention to detail and commitment to quality control that is simply the best in the industry.

Facility Managers
Employees working in an open concept office

You need a flooring solution that not only looks good, but also withstands high traffic and tenant rotation. We make recommendations for your specific space, and even help you gain executive management buy-in through cost comparisons and longevity expectations. Our expert installers ensure a smooth process, and our Renovisions® lift technology will help save time and money in occupied spaces.

Property Managers
Property managers reviewing floor plan

The condition of your property affects your ability to generate revenue—and flooring is one of the first areas to show wear and tear. We can help you improve your property value and increase tenant appeal with an updated, cost-efficient, and durable flooring solution.

Flooring consultant shaking hands with a project manager
The consultants you can trust

Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced installers, project managers, and sales team members in the flooring industry. We’ll work with you to find a solution that works for your specific industry and role.

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